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Hi, and welcome to My Moviehouse, My Rules, a podcast of reviews and opinion about movies, television and anything with a story you can watch (but not play) on a screen. I’m Donna, I watch a lot of stuff, and I like to talk about it all.

Favorites: Classic and new SF, Universal-era horror films, film noir, suspense/thrillers, action-adventure movies, Westerns, martial arts or fight pictures, historical epics. Not-so-favorites, but sometimes enjoyed: romantic comedies, comedies in general, modern animation. Will-not-view-unless-tied-to-a-chair: teenage slasher/horror (torture porn), young-adult-oriented series, films in which the protagonists suffer an identity crisis and/or are in search of themselves, and/or try to resolve the issues of a dysfunctional family, yada, yada.

I prefer DC to Marvel, Star Trek to Star Wars, originals to remakes. I still believe in straightforward heroes/heroines and redemption for antiheroes. And no matter what kind of story I’m reviewing, I do it with a sense of the long history of the film industry in all its diversity, division and off-screen drama.

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Donna S. Frelick


Industry Analysis: Disney+ All That and a Bag of Popcorn

Yep, you can see a live capture of the Broadway sensation on Disney+, too!

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Grey’s Anatomy

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The Chosen One Theme X 3

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5 Favorite Swashbucklers

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PBS Documentary Asian Americans

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6 Replies to “Welcome to My Moviehouse”

  1. The Bad and the Beautiful is my favorite Kirk Douglas film. Seemed like the kind of role that anybody else should have been cast in except Kirk, and yet he owned it. Not only that, he made you love him despite his character being anything but loveable.

    Not sure I could compare Kirk to Shatner, but it’s your show so I humbly yield to your opinion.😁

    Looking forward to your next offering!

    1. Hi, Linda and thanks for checking in! I’ve talked to lots of folks who cite THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as their favorite Kirk Douglas film. It’s on my list to see now! As for comparing him to Shatner, well, it was only the blond, square-jawed good looks that were similar, but he was also a favorite star for impressionists back in the day, as Shatner is now!

  2. I have to admit that I tried two times to watch this movie and I didn’t stick with it either time. I’m going to give it another go and watch from start to finish just so I can say I have seen every version made to date.

    I agree with you on the Streisand/kristoffersen remake. Just didn’t feel the chemistry with those two. Totally loved Gaynor and March and every drop of sentimentality they wrung out of the script. The Garland/Mason offering is a close second despite the overly long production numbers used to showcase Judy.

    Well, guess I’ll give Cooper/GaGa one more try just to be fair. But I’m thinking the original will maintain its special place in my heart.

    1. Hmm. Might it have been the big rock concert scene at the beginning? If you’re not a rock fan I could see where that might be off-putting. Wasn’t a problem for me, of course, but maybe you could FF through that? Yes, other than this one, Gaynor/March is my fave, though I’ve only seen it on television in what is probably a form much reduced from its original glory.

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