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Movie Review: INFINITE: Full of Holes, But Never Boring

This SF actioner about reincarnation rips off plenty of other films, but keeps it moving.
Chiwetel Ejiofor, left, tests Mark Wahlberg in a scene from INFINITE.(Peter Mountain/Paramount+ via AP)

Episode 73: Industry Analysis: Olympics Have Lost Their Gold

Corruption, sexual harassment, economic excess have ruined the show for me.

Episode 72: Television Review: Kung Fu Reboot: Correct But Still Cliched

Asian lead improves CW reboot, but new version fails to rise above tired YA tropes.

Episode 71: Movie Review: THE TOMORROW WAR:

Gnarly Aliens in Our Future

An SF actioner with some fugly aliens and surprising heart kicks off blockbuster season.

Episode 70: Movie Review: THE ICE ROAD: Chilly Thrills, Dumb Fun

Action thriller set in the frozen north is Number One on Netflix.

Episode 69: Television Review: Resurrection: Ertugrul: My Latest Obsession

Turkish import on Netflix mashes up epic history and soapy drama.

Episode 68: Movie Review: IN THE HEIGHTS Rises Above Controversy

Exuberant, heart-warming musical overcomes any minor flaws.

Episode 67: Industry Analysis: My 55-Year Romance With Star Trek

I’ve been right there with Star Trek through all it’s many iterations.

Episode 66: Movie/Television Review: Clarice Still Hears the Lambs

Celebrating 30 years of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS with a new TV series, Clarice on CBS.

Episode 65: Television Review: Small Towns, Quirky Accents

Two very different shows set in small towns highlight distinctive regional accents.

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2 Replies to “Podcast Episodes”

  1. Loved Donna’s eloquent review of : CONCRETE COWBOY to Blue Bloods: The Best and Worst of TV. First, Concrete Cowboy is a “must see” movie. Great plot, fascinating characters, mix of drama and humor, and I learned that black cowboys groups currently exist no just in Philadelphia, but in many other cities as well.
    About Blue Bloods, sad to see a really good TV show go downhill fast and badly with a change of writers. What a shame.

    1. Hi, Graeme,
      So glad you enjoyed the episode reviewing CONCRETE COWBOY and “Blue Bloods.” I SO agree that CONCRETE COWBOY is something everyone should see! And, unfortunately, I don’t see any improvement coming for “Blue Bloods,” although the network has renewed the venerable show for another season. The most recent episode featured yet another example of a female cop making a stupid self-defense mistake to put herself at risk. I think the writers should all be forced to take a basic self-defense class!

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