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Today’s Episode:

Television Review: Turkish Import THE GIFT Has Paranormal Hook

Paranormal/soap opera mashup makes for addictive viewing.
Real archeological site Gobekli Tepe is at center of weird goings-on in Netflix’s THE GIFT.

Episode 79: Television Review:

YA Fantasy Shows Redeemed by Unique Settings

SHADOW AND BONE, RAGNAROK benefit from someplace/time other than that galaxy far, far away.

Episode 78: Television Review:

THE DEFEATED: Dark Past Illuminates Our Present

Netflix’s crime drama set in post-WWII Berlin offers exotic setting and dramatic lessons.

Episode 77: Movie Review: Three Movies for Us “Older” Homebodies

Hollywood wants us back in the theaters, but insults us in the process. Stay home and stream.

Episode 76: Movie Review: NO SUDDEN MOVE:

Soderbergh’s New Film Noir

Complex plot, Dutch angles, star-studded cast figure in this neo-noir set in 1954 Detroit.

Episode 75: TV/Movie Review: This Week’s Search for Something to Watch

Virgin River’s 3rd Season on Netflix PLUS an historical action film set in the Ukraine on Amazon.

Episode 74: Movie Review: INFINITE: Full of Holes, But Never Boring

This SF actioner about reincarnation rips off plenty of other films, but keeps it moving.

Episode 73: Industry Analysis: Olympics Have Lost Their Gold

Corruption, sexual harassment, economic excess have ruined the show for me.

Episode 72: Television Review: Kung Fu Reboot: Correct But Still Cliched

Asian lead improves CW reboot, but new version fails to rise above tired YA tropes.

Episode 71: Movie Review: THE TOMORROW WAR:

Gnarly Aliens in Our Future

An SF actioner with some fugly aliens and surprising heart kicks off blockbuster season.

Episode 70: Movie Review: THE ICE ROAD: Chilly Thrills, Dumb Fun

Action thriller set in the frozen north is Number One on Netflix.