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Movie Review: SWING KIDS: Tough Times, Tougher Choices

A message for today in this much-maligned 1993 coming-of-age film.
Christian Bale, Frank Whaley, Robert Sean Leonard in the swingin’ start to SWING KIDS.

Episode 59: Television Review: Asian-Americans on PBS, A Second Look

This PBS history of Asian immigrants in America is worth hunting down.

Episode 58: Industry Analysis + Television Reviews:

Idols and Superheroes

2021 Oscar nominations, WandaVision and Superman and Lois

Episode 57: Movie Reviews:

Bookending the Film Noir Era


Episode 56: Television Review:

Snowpiercer: Last Train to Nowhere

Season Two of dystopian SF tale even more like our own lockdown lives.

Episode 55: Television Reviews:

Walker Needs a Kick in the Pants

Jared Padalecki as Walker, Texas Ranger has big boots to fill.

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Episode 54: Television Reviews:

Series Ends & Beginnings

Star Trek: Discovery to Men in Kilts.

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Episode 53: Movie Reviews:

Films for Black History Month

Old and new favorites to honor Black filmography.

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Episode 52: Movie Review:

THE LITTLE THINGS Deviled by Details (Plus)

Stellar cast can’t save this slow thriller.

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Episode 51: Television Reviews:

Bridgerton and Four More Series to Stream

Historical romance reimagined plus more to keep you entertained.

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