Podcast Episodes

Today’s Episode:

Tribute: Don Johnson Reboots Nash Bridges

New TV movie captures some of the old magic, making me want more DJ on TV.
Cheech Marin, Don Johnson and, of course, the yellow ‘cuda hit the San Francisco streets again.

Episode 88: Industry Analysis: Westerns With a Native American Gaze

From CHEYENNE AUTUMN to Chickasaw Nation’s TE ATA, a different perspective.

Episode 87: Movie Review: THE HARDER THEY FALL

Jeymes Samuel’s homage to Westerns with an all-Black cast mashes Tarantino and Shakespeare with classic themes.

Episode 86: Industry Analysis: Gun Bans Not Easy Even in the Movies

Onset shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins calls for reforms, but will things change?

Episode 85: Movie Review: Villeneuve’s DUNE: Beautiful But Flawed

Great casting, gorgeous cinematography, but too long and lacking a clear narrative thread.

Episode 84: Tribute: It’s Viggo Mortensen’s Birthday!

A special film-by-film tribute to one of my favorite actors.

Episode 83: Movie Reviews: Short Rants for 3 Hot Topics

Sometimes you need reviews so you can skip those hot movies.

Episode 82: Television Review: Fall Season 2021

Three new shows debut this week to mixed reviews.

Episode 81: Movie Review: Eastwood’s CRY MACHO Disappoints

A sentimental road movie without the sentiment shows star’s frailties.

Episode 80: Television Review:

Turkish Import THE GIFT Has Paranormal Hook

Paranormal/soap opera mashup makes for addictive viewing.

Episode 79: Television Review:

YA Fantasy Shows Redeemed by Unique Settings

SHADOW AND BONE, RAGNAROK benefit from someplace/time other than that galaxy far, far away.