Podcast Episodes


Television Review: Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Official kickoff to the holiday season will be revised but not canceled!
The Thanksgiving bird leads off, though this year he’ll be marching in place.

42. Television Review: The Crown on Netflix

Fourth season debut features Margaret Thatcher and Princess Di.

41. Television Review: News to Me

Coverage of the election highlights failures of hyper cable news style.

40. Movie Reviews: Halloween

Creature Features

Universal Studio Classics–and some modern updates!

39.Television Review: New Fall Season, Pt. 2

The Right Stuff on Disney+ tops a weak list.

38. Television Review: New Fall Season, Pt. 1

Fargo returns; Next on Fox, COBRA on PBS take on SF

37: Movie Review: ENOLA HOLMES on Netflix

Sherlock’s teenage sister provides a light diversion for dark times

36: Television Review: THE KARATE KID to Cobra Kai on Netflix

Netflix series flips the switch to focus on villain-turned-unlikely hero, Johnny.

35: Television Review: AWAY on Netflix

Character-driven science fiction has some trouble with its main character

34. Movie Review: Disney’s Live-Action MULAN

Controversial remake has its good points as a family film