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Movie Reviews: Lightning Round 2021, Part 2

A small film from 2016 beats out the new commercial blockbusters to stream.
The heroes of Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople face off.

48. Movie Reviews: Lightning Round 2021

Short Reviews of What’s Streaming Now!

47. Movie Reviews: Countdown to Christmas

My favorite old-school holiday films of all time

46. Movie Reviews: Five ‘New’ Films for Christmas

Rom-Coms, kids films and more on Netflix

45. Television Review: Attack of the Lazy Writers

Two examples show writers are making their characters TSTL.

44. Tribute: Dolly Parton, Queen of All She Surveys

A new CD, a Netflix movie, help for finding a COVID vaccine, what can’t she do?

43. Television Review: Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Official kickoff to the holiday season will be revised but not canceled!

42. Television Review: The Crown on Netflix

Fourth season debut features Margaret Thatcher and Princess Di.

41. Television Review: News to Me

Coverage of the election highlights failures of hyper cable news style.

40. Movie Reviews: Halloween

Creature Features

Universal Studio Classics–and some modern updates!