Hi, and welcome to My Moviehouse, My Rules, a podcast of reviews and opinion about movies, television and anything with a story you can watch (but not play) on a screen. I’m Donna, I watch a lot of stuff, and I like to talk about it all.

Favorites: Classic and new SF, Universal-era horror films, film noir, suspense/thrillers, action-adventure movies, Westerns, martial arts or fight pictures, historical epics. Not-so-favorites, but sometimes enjoyed: romantic comedies, comedies in general, modern animation. Will-not-view-unless-tied-to-a-chair: teenage slasher/horror (torture porn), young-adult-oriented series, films in which the protagonists suffer an identity crisis and/or are in search of themselves, and/or try to resolve the issues of a dysfunctional family, yada, yada.

I prefer DC to Marvel, Star Trek to Star Wars, originals to remakes. I still believe in straightforward heroes/heroines and redemption for antiheroes. And no matter what kind of story I’m reviewing, I do it with a sense of the long history of the film industry in all its diversity, division and off-screen drama.

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Donna S. Frelick